7-Eleven Community Care is a non-profit entity set up to implement 7-Eleven Malaysia’s corporate social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives.

7 Eleven Contributed RM10,000 Worth of Beverages to PPR Sri Pantai Residents

Date: 26th May 2023
Venue: Kuala Lumpur

Through 7-Eleven Community Care Programme, we stay committed to giving back to the community by delivering a generous supply of refreshing beverages to 300 residents. The handover was presented by Nadia Mahmood, representing 7-Eleven Malaysia, to Puan Roshaida, the representative of PPR Sri Pantai.

In light of the heatwave that’s hitting all over Malaysia, we wanted to ensure that everyone at PPR Sri Pantai stays hydrated and cool. 7Eleven believes that access to clean and refreshing drinks is essential, especially during these hot days, hence why we decided to step in and lend a helping hand.

The contribution consisted of a variety of beverages carefully selected to cater to different preferences and tastes. From fruit juices to electrolyte sports drinks, we wanted to provide a range of options that would not only quench their thirst but also bring a smile to their faces. Remember, staying hydrated is important, especially during hot weather. So, let's stay hydrated and beat the heat.

Venue: Nationwide is a first all in one online platform to promote, connect and aid non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across Malaysia. It is the new-age solution to address key problems and various challenges faced by the everyday hero local NGOs in terms of getting publicity, volunteers as well as material aid. The website, which is a concept by SOLS 24/7 Malaysia with founding support from 7-Eleven Malaysia Community Care Fund, harnesses the power of online technology and digital ubiquity to connect NGOs with local philanthropic individuals and organizations.

The launch was officiated by SOLS 24/7 Malaysia Director, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh together with 7-Eleven Malaysia executive director, Tan U-Ming.

Semurni Kasih

Date: 20th March - 30th April 2023
Venue: Nationwide

Semurni Kasih was an annual campaign by 7-Eleven Malaysia that aimed to encourage customers to donate items purchased at our stores during Ramadan. In line with its tagline, “You Contribute, We Distribute”, the campaign featured contribution boxes at our stores nationwide, where customers could donate food and non-food items and we have helped them to distribute to those in need.

Throughout the campaign, 7-Eleven Malaysia urged customers to donate generously and support those who were struggling to access basic necessities during Ramadan. The campaign was widely promoted through social media and in-store displays, with the contribution boxes prominently displayed at all 2480 7-Eleven Malaysia stores.

7-Eleven Malaysia Pays Tribute to Malaysian Army with a Humble Contribution

Date: 28th April 2023
Venue: Kuala Lumpur

With the spirit of Raya, our Co-CEO paid a courtesy visit to Malaysian Chief of Army to pass over a humble contribution to support our Gagah Setia troops protecting our beloved nation.  We salute their bravery and hope that our contributions will plays a small role in helping our army in their day-to-day operations.

Spreading Smiles: 7-Eleven Employees Surprise Colleagues This Raya

Date: 17th - 23rd April 2023
Venue: Nationwide

During this festive season, many of our 7-Eleven employees went back to their hometowns to celebrate Raya. Another practice we put in place is to have our employees stop by a 7-Eleven store near their respective hometowns to give 7-Eleven store colleagues on duty a little surprise during the Raya holidays. ​The little surprise contains a batik drawstring bag with cookies and dates (kurma) all prepared by Dignity for Children Foundation and all the profit also goes directly back to Dignity for Children Foundation to educate more youth and transform lives.

Share A Smile

Date: 6th - 12th February 2023
Venue: Nationwide

Give someone a reason to smile today! Share this to someone who might need one to spread the positivity around!7-Eleven Malaysia will donate RM1,000 to Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled for every 1,000 shares. They are a local non-profit organisation that focuses on providing services to special needs people regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Your small gesture will bring happiness to someone today, so let's spread love and kindness together. Thank you for participating, a small act of kindness goes a long way.

Love and Joy: 7-Eleven Malaysia's Special Visit to Good Samaritan Home

Date: 21st January 2023
Venue: Klang, Selangor

Not leaving anyone behind! We recently visited Good Samaritan Home in Klang due in time for the New Year, bringing its festive spirit to the orphans there with special goodie bags made for the season. Everyone deserves to feel loved during this festive season. Start giving today.

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